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Independent VTuber ✧ Live2D Modeler ✧ Artist

Just call me Faf!

Commissions Status: Closed/Selective (Q2 2022)
Read my commission info & DM me for 2022 Inquiries

Hey! I'm in the middle of revamping my website. You should be able to navigate just fine but expect some scuff & frequent changes here and there while this message is up!


I'm Faf! I'm a celestial wolf that streams chill Live2D rigging work, art, and games on Twitch!You're always welcome to pop into the teahouse and chat or vibe in the background! You're also invited to work alongside me on art, rigging, or whatever!
Let's get productive!

Basic Info

Name: Yu Ling / 玉玲 (just call me Faf tho)
Aliases: Fafrotsky / Faf / Fafuu
I am a: Celestial Wolf (also known as Tiangou / 天狗)
Age: 20↑ | Pronouns: Any

Tags & Oshi Mark

Live Tag: #FafuuLive ✧ Meme Tag: #FafFunny
Art Tag: #FafArt ✧ R18 Tag: IYKYK :3c
Fan Name: Regulars ✧ Oshi Mark: 🐺🍵

Catch me Live on Twitch!

I'm usually live every other day around midnight (CST) doing commission work!

Latest Youtube Upload

My YT channel has been a bit inactive but I hope to upload covers, highlights, & more content every now and then~

If you're interested in my art/rigging for general or VTubing purposes, please check the out my commissions pages and read the TOS & other information with care.

I also like to curate and create VTuber Resources on occasion! I recommend checking the resources page if you're a new/aspiring VTuber or if you're a VTuber that's just seeking out useful resources and/or commissions!

If you would like to reach out to me, visit my contact information page!

Reference & Fanart

Model Art (and Rigging) by Me!
Fanart/Commissioned Work images should link back to the original creators/artists!


Model Art Reference

Model Art Reference - Eyes Close Up


PNGs for Collabs

Miscellaneous PNGs


Gift Art / Fanart - Fanart from friends and fans!

Use the right hashtag for fanart if you'd like me to see your art on Twitter!
DM me if you'd like me to add (or remove!) your fanart here, the images should link back to you!
Thank you for drawing me, I'll treasure your artworks by putting them here!! (´。• ω •。`)♡

Commissioned Art

Personal Commissions - what's a skeb lol
I'll commission more art at some point heehoo


Group / Friend Commissions

Marky Comm

Nakama group commission from Marky! - Nakama Fell In love, So we Cozy Cave!
Artist: Marky

Fyre Skeb

Fyre Skeb!! aaaaaaaaAAAAAA
Artist: bigizumi_

Rena Skeb

Rena Skeb for my birthday!!!
Artist: HotaAma

VTuber Resources

These guides/resources will be continuously updated periodically based on the interest and support of those that come across them and my free time/availability.

VTuber Resources

This is a resource aggregation project that collects and organizes all the resources that I happen to come across!

Faf's Resources

These are resources that I have written/created myself!

This is a 50 page in-depth and organized guide is written specifically for:

1) Those that are looking to commission a Live2D model for VTubing
2) Artists that need guidance in drawing and separating parts for Live2D models

If you enjoyed the guide or found it to be useful, do consider supporting me by:

✧ Sharing the guide by retweeting this post on Twitter and recommending it to those in need of guidance!
✧Checking out my Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and/or supporting me on Ko-Fi!

This is a simple checklist / workflow suggestion for Live2D Rigging VTuber Models:

✧ You can make a copy and edit it to fit your workflow
✧ You can send this to your Live2D model artist to run through and do a quick PSD check
✧ If you're new to Live2D, you can use this as a guide on what to work on next when rigging

This is my Ko-fi page!

✧ Find assets that I've made in the shop!
✧ Assets are Free/PWYW!
✧ Read the description in the asset pages for terms of use
✧ You may also support me here by sending me a coffee!
✧ (May consider opening up Ko-fi memberships in the future? Brainstorming perks atm!)

Commission Information

Before you inquire about my commissions, please read through my TOS and info in the following pages!

I am aware that it is a lot to take in and navigate through everything on this site, but if you are looking to invest a considerable amount of money into a model, it's best to be wise about how you go about spending it by acknowledging vital information such as my TOS, the process, and pricing.

Terms of Service

  1. By commissioning me, you agree to abide by these terms.

  2. Do not claim my work as your own. Please credit me as @Fafrotsky if you are using a model that I made/rigged! Any place (in your profile, panels, about page, etc.) is fine as long as I am clearly listed! You're free to use any of these titles: Live2D modeler/Rigger/Papa (パパ).

  3. Do not reproduce or redistribute my work (reselling) without my permission (this includes minting/selling the commissioned work for NFTs.). Please contact me beforehand if you plan to resell your model.

  4. For Art: The commissioned piece is for personal use only, do not use it for commercial purposes (i.e. mass reprinting on shirts/prints/etc.).

  5. For Live2D: The fee for small/medium scale commercial use (such as Twitch Affiliates and Partners) is included in the commission. If you want unrestricted use of the model and if you are making or intend to make commercially significant revenue, there will be an extra fee. Feel free to ask about it through DMs or e-mail (this is for VTuber Agencies/non-indie VTubers). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this!

  6. I reserve the right to showcase the commissioned work on my social media & portfolios and to use the work as future samples for commissions. The option to keep commission work private from social media/streams is present.

  7. Commissioned work can be privated/under NDA for a fee. Commissioned model work requested to be private will not be posted on social media and the public schedule/trello until debut BUT may be included in my website for portfolio purposes. VTubers will be listed as TBA until debut & artists/designers will be credited. A NDA may be negotiated if there are concerns about what information or portions of the project can/can't be shared.

  8. I reserve the right to modify the PSD to make the model art suitable for rigging.

  9. I reserve the right to decline or cancel a reserved/ongoing commission request if I believe that I am unable to fulfill it, find the request offensive/uncomfortable, or find the commissioner's behavior and/or credibility to be questionable.

  10. I reserve the right to cancel the commission if I do not receive the down payment and a week has passed upon prompting the payment. The client must respond within the 7 days of the payment prompt or give a heads up beforehand.

  11. Full or partial refund available, amount dependent on how much work has been done. No refund for completed works.

  12. Major editing/revision is limited up to 3 times, please be clear about what you envision! More edits may require a fee. I will notify the client if the request for adjustment is major. No charge for minor edits/adjustments.

  13. After delivering the final product, a week will be given for the commissioner to test the model and suggest final adjustments/corrections. Further adjustments outside this period will be considered but not be prioritized and may come at a cost. Mistakes on my part will be corrected without a charge.

  14. For the sake of keeping the integrity of my work, I will not provide the project file. In addition, I typically do not do editing work on models rigged by another Live2D modeler (special circumstances may be negotiable, check with me through DMs).

Not following TOS will result in dropping the commission (if active), the refusal to continue doing business with the client, and, if it gets to a worsening point, blocking/blacklisting the client.


  • My commission pricing is based on USD (United States dollar).

  • I prefer to take payments through PayPal invoice.

  • I can take payments fully upfront or in parts: 50% down payment upon agreement, 50% on completed delivery.

  • If you are selected, I will send you an estimated price breakdown of your model for flexibility so you can add/remove additional items depending on your budget.

  • Only send the payment when we confirm commission details and when I send you an invoice via Paypal.

  • DO NOT prematurely send payment through any monetary means (Twitch Subs/Bits, Ko-Fi, Donations, etc.). This won't help you get selected or give you special treatment when I browse through applications! :(

  • Commissions may be paid for in steps/segments, i.e.: Sketch > Lineart > color OR Art > Rigging > Extras.

  • The payment request/invoice will be sent via Paypal to your email when the details of the commission are sorted out.

  • Once the payment is confirmed I will begin to work on your piece!

  • If you appreciate my work and would like to send a tip, I have a Ko-fi page! Tips are very much appreciated!


  • I will notify clients when I begin to work on your commission.

  • Upon start, rigs take about 1-2 weeks to complete. Please set aside additional time to make space for testing and corrections!

  • A rush order may be negotiated upon which will incur a fee (price depends on time given).

  • Some pieces may take longer depending on my busyness / the model's complexity / model art adjustments on my end or the model artist's end.

  • Please understand that life happens and I may need breaks at times! If I get busy or an emergency situation happens, I will contact you or update my twitter if there will be any delays.

  • Feel free to contact me if you would like to check in on progress/scheduling. If you wish to check on progress without contacting me, you can visit my Trello board.

  • For Live2D models, I am able to send WIP model files for the client to test out and "pilot", but a watermark will be present until the model is fully paid for.

  • I may livestream or upload the process of myself working on your commission on Twitch or YouTube. I may also post WIP shots / gifs / videos on social media. When applying in the form, you can opt to keep your commission private from streaming until debut.

TOS Last Updated May 2022

Understand that you must abide by the TOS and acknowledge the info in this page and following pages to commission me.

Click below to access the rest of my commission information!

Commissions Home



Read the Process, Inquiries, & FAQ section First then DM for 2022 Inquiries,

I'm currently in the middle of wrapping up Spring requests and revamping my commission requests. My entire commissions process & pricings are being overhauled (estimated range for starting prices slated to be 1200-2500 USD depending on complexity and extent of rigging). If you are interested in a quote, please read through the following pages on the right before sending an inquiry.

Process, Inquiries, & FAQ

Commission Process

Step 1: Have a ready to rig PSD on hand. Alternatively, have designs/WIPs to share

If you are in the early stages of the model making process, it'll be difficult to gauge interest and ability to rig your model, though you are still free to apply and share your design, designated model artist, and/or WIP model art screenshots. For a better likelihood of being selected, I recommend referring to this guide first and sharing it with your artist. Model art that has proper art separation/void filling is highly preferred.

Step 2: Read my TOS and agree to the terms

Please read through the TOS thoroughly, breach of TOS will result in the refusal to do business with the client and potential blacklisting.

Step 3: Read the rest of the information on my site: check my Schedule, Process/FAQ, Prices, Portfolio

Determine if the information presented fits your schedule, budget, and style. Have a deadline for model delivery in mind, remember to consider that testing/revisions will be done after the model is delivered as well.

Step 4: Apply through the form on the Commissions Home Page when public commissions open

Keep an eye out on my twitter for public commissions opening announcements/information.If my public commissions are closed, the link to the form will not be present. However, inquiries for future commissions/projects are still welcome (though I will be more selective and slots may not be as readily available), Read through the Reservations and Project Inquiries section to learn more.

Step 5: Wait for the public commissions applications to close, check for acceptance

Once my commissions officially close, I will put an announcement tweet out on twitter. Check your DMs to see if you are accepted, I do not send personal rejection messages for my public commissions openings.If you are accepted, I will notify you through Twitter DMs (or email). I'll provide a rough price estimate, let you know if I will need any additional PSD revisions or further breakdown of details, and list your set work dates (estimated time that I will work on and complete your model).

Step 6: If the model PSD requires more cutting & separation:

I will move forward with the commisison so long as the client agrees with following through the possible options:A. I will do the cutting at a charge. This option will give me more control over how I want the model cut/separate for my rigging process. This will take some time (1-2 days upon start) but is likely to be be quicker than the back-and-forth time that B may potentially take. Payment is included in the rigging invoice.B. I will provide the artist a personalized cutting guide (overlaid on the PSD) at a lesser charge (writing notes still takes work/time). This option may save on cost (if the artist includes revisions as part of their commissions) and can preserve the style of the original model artist but may run the risk going off schedule. The artist may be busy or may not closely follow the cutting guides as intended, thus leading to some time being spent on going back-and-forth. Payment is separate from & done BEFORE the rigging invoice.

Step 7: Confirm your commission slot

Once pricing, scheduling, and additional arrangements have been agreed upon, I will slot you in the schedule. I will not ask for payment immediately since scheduling can fluctuate. Payment is usually prompted a week to a month before I start work on your commission.

Step 7: Payment confirmation

I will prompt for payment when your slot nears the active queue. If you have decided to change your mind about a commission or need more time, please have the decency to tell me ASAP, doing so at your earliest convenience is preferable but better late than never, I don’t bite! However, complete failure to communicate at this stage may lead to me dropping your slot.

Step 8: Rigging in progress!

Once payment is confirmed, I will put your commission in the active queue and begin work on your model shortly! If your commission isn’t private, I may stream myself working on your model on twitch! You are more than welcome to drop in and give feedback (or just lurk)!

Step 9: Model Delivery & Review Phase

The model will be delivered before or at the requested deadline when the majority of the model is complete. I will upload the files to a Google Drive link for you to download. When the model is delivered, the review/revision period will begin, this usually takes 1-2 weeks.It’s likely that there will be errors in the model that require fixing. I will typically spend a week after model completion to briefly check for any mistakes. Understand that the testing phase is a joint effort between client and modeler and that they are encouraged to provide feedback whether it be corrections or minor preferential adjustments. I also recommend checking in with the artist to ensure that layers are properly clipped/rigged as intended. There are some things that my eyes may be unable to catch, especially after working on a model for a long period of time & having many parameters/parts.Additional items and/or major revisions (to rigging/PSD setup) may be requested at a charge at this time if you would like to add more (extended head turn angles, expressions, tracking parameters, etc.) to your model.

Step 10: Completion

Once revisions/corrections are made to satisfactory levels, the commission & review period will be considered as complete! Further revisions months past completion will come at a charge (unless there is a critical mistake made on my part).

Reservations and Project Inquiries

I do not typically accept reservations for slots, especially if I am closed.
However, I am willing to make exceptions and take in slots for projects that appeal to me.

If you are serious about your project, review my TOS, guide & general pricing page, and DM on twitter with the numbered template below filled out (to the best of your abilities, it's fine if some things haven't been figured out yet):

  1. Name:

  2. Methods of Contact:

  3. Your Content: (Gaming, Drawing, Singing, VA Work, ASMR, Just Chatting/Zatsudan, commentary, etc.)

  4. Preferred Deadline:

  5. Latest Deadline:

  6. Rigging Budget: (List a budget range, be sure to refer to my prices page first)

  7. Model Design/Reference image: (If not available, list potential character design artists)

  8. Model Artist: (If not confirmed, list potential model artists)

  9. Extent of rigging: Simple/Scuffed Model, Waist Up Model, or Full Body Model

  10. Briefly Describe: Additional items & Specific model gimmicks/expressions/animations

  11. A link to your PSD through Google Drive or Dropbox

  12. Additional Information: (Any other details that you would like to mention about your request/project)

For projects under NDA: You may contact me through my business email: fafrotskyvt@gmail.com

- The template does not have to apply for unique project pitches.
- The PSD is not required but will help with the quote.
- Give me a week to respond and I will let you know if I am interested or able to do the project. If rejected please do not take it personally.
- Note that interest in the project does not equate to locking in a slot.
- I will let you know if I can confirm a slot/waitlist your project once things are given more time/details for the sake of certainty and scheduling.
- DMs that request for a reservation that lack the above template may be ignored.

Commissions FAQ

Before DMing me, consider checking out my Live2D Guide and reading this FAQ section first!
DMs that disregard this section (and the majority of the info on this site) WILL BE IGNORED.

- Are you open? How do I commission you?
Read through this entire page!
- What are your prices for rigging?
See the pricing page. The price of rigging is determined through a case-by-case basis, it is highly dependent on how much rigging work needs to be done.
- Can I have a slot / waitlist slot? / Can I make a reservation?
My commissions are not first come, first serve, but you may apply for a slot / waitlist slot through the form if I am open for commissions. Check the above section for reservations.
- Do you take returning clients?
It is possible for returning clients to come back to upgrade certain aspects of their model, this includes:
Base model editing, added body parts (i.e. you requested your artist to add legs to a halfbody model & want it rigged), alternate outfits, additional expressions/animations/assets.
I try my best to take in returning client requests, however it is highly recommended to reach out to me early if you have plans to avoid scheduling issues. Returning clients are free to contact me through DMs for inquiries or future updates.- How fast are your rush orders and how much do you charge for them?
If scheduling permits, I will pause my active commission and work on your order immediately. It can take less than a week to complete. The charge is dependent on the urgency of the commission.
- Can I ask you a question?
See below:
- Why haven't you responded to my DM?
Try again, I may have missed it, you can also try @-ing me on Twitter. Though I will deliberately ignore DMs going "Hello/Hey/Hi" or "I have a question" (followed by no question), as well as DMs where it is it obvious that the inquirer hasn't carefully read through this site.
I'm sorry but I don't have the time for non-serious inquiries, please READ CAREFULLY and then shoot your question / state your case in full detail. If you take the time to understand how I operate, I will put time into providing a genuine response.- How long will it take for you to reply to an inquiry?
It depends on how busy I am, give it a few days to a week.
- How do you do the tongue / cheek puff thing?
Youll need VTube Studio + an iOS device with Face ID & art/rigging setup for the expressions.
- Hello I need a VRoid/3D model, how much do you charge?
- Do you accept tips?
I accept tips through Ko-fi!

Pricing & Samples


Price ranges are an approximate estimation, experimental and/or complex features may be priced out of the general price ranges listed below.

Base Rigging

ItemPrice (USD)
Simple Model (Chibi, Mascot, Bust, Scuffed, etc.)400-1250
Half Body Model1250-1500
Full Body Model1500+

Additional Items

ItemPrice (USD)
iPhone Parameters: MouthX, Tongue, Cheek Puff100
VBridger ParametersTBD!
Eye Physics75
Accessories / Design Details50+
Static / Animated Expressions20+
Arm Poses / Animations75+
Complex Animations150+
Alternate Hairstyles100+
Alternate Outfits300+
Experimental Requests (e.g. Hand Tracking)Varies

Miscellaneous Offerings

ItemPrice (USD)
Animated Artwork (For MVs, Loading Screens, etc.)150-300
Animated Emotes30


ItemPrice (USD)
PSD Work (Cutting, Layering, Organization, etc.)Varies
PSD Notes for Artists50+
Rush OrderStarts at 1.5%
NDA / Privacy Request100

- PSD Work will be required for PSDs that do not meet my personal standards of PSD setup for Live2D.
- Prices for PSD work varies and will be set on a case-by-case basis. Minor work may be around 50-250 & Major work may be arouned 250+.
- PSD Notes for Artists is available for those that have artists available for revision work or those that are artists themselves. Keep in mind that a charge for general PSD work may still be required if instructions aren't fully followed.
- Rush orders rates are dependent on how soon the delivery date is set.
- There will be a NDA / Privacy request fee for those that wish to keep their commission confidential until debut. Please understand that I regularly stream and post my work online. Doing private work can interrupt my usual operations and potential opportunities (e.g. me not being able to showcase my current skills upon time of completion).


Under Construction! Please see the Clients page and browse through their channels/content in the meantime!

Recent Clients

In order from newest models at the top left to oldest at the bottom right (not including alt outfits).

Work History

List of all completed commissions, some links are lost due to rebranding/retirement.




Affiliated Artists

Partnered Model Artist: Mango


  • I highly recommend Mango as a Live2D model artist!!! She's highly communicative and is always looking to improve!

  • We frequently bounce ideas and feedback off each other so that we can make the most out of our skills in making the best model possible!

Art Commissions




  • Please read the TOS & info on the commissions home page before contacting me about a commission!

  • I prefer messages that are direct & don't beat around the bush, make your intent clear! Unclear/vague messages may not be responded to.

  • My DMs can get busy and I have to prioritize active commissions, so I may miss some DMs or tend to forget to reply at times.

  • If things are urgent & you need a response, feel free to poke me again.

  • Please use common sense and respect my personal space/boundaries, especially if we are not mutuals or well acquainted yet!


Twitter: @Fafrotsky
Discord DMs: Limited to Mutuals & Clients

E-mail for Business Purposes

E-mail: fafrotskyvt@gmail.com

Discord Server

Perks of joining:

  • Chilling - Just vibing with everyone in the server. I try to pop in when I'm not busy!

  • Opt in roles - No spam/unwanted pings from @everyone, you get to choose your alerts!

  • Announcements & Live Alert Pings - Channel dedicated to pinging alerts for streams & announcements!

  • Suggestions Box - Share your suggestions for my streams/content in this channel!

  • Events - I do open games & host productivity/working streams/watch parties every now and then~

  • Art - Lots of us here do the art thing! Share your works in the art channel!

  • Live2D Study Room - Channel dedicated to anything Live2D! We generally put Live2D discussion/questions, inspiration, art & rigging guides, tips, references & more here!